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I wanted to rent my property in early January 2006 and approached 2 letting agents. One was high street based and the second one was Appleton Estates. The high street agent only had 1 viewing for my property saying that January was a very quiet period; whereas Appleton Estates got to work straight away. They took external and many internal photos for marketing and within a few days had shown the property to at least 6 prospective tenants. I was very impressed with their service and the way they had presented the property on their website; needless to say Appletons were able to let my property fairly straight away.

Appletons is an internet based organisation which I feel is ideal as you can do the entire search from the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient to you. My contact with Appletons was via e-mail and/or phone and they responded to my queries very quickly and efficiently.

Finally, I found Sarah Akkus and her team to be friendly and polite with a professional approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Appleton Estates to anyone who wishes to put their house on the market for sale or letting.

S. Soar, Maidenhead

I have been using Appleton's for nearly 1 year and I have found their approach and assistance extremely professional and always helpful. I was impressed by their website and the way each property is presented. I felt the inclusion of photographs showing many internal rooms as well as the external aspect was of great benefit to the prospective tenant/purchaser. Indeed this would be something that if not shown would not entice me into viewing a property.

With our current lifestyles having an Internet based organisation is ideal as the need to speak face to face is no longer paramount. I would certainly recommend Appleton's to anyone thinking of putting their house on the market for sale or rent.

C Griffiths, Maidenhead

I have been using Appleton Estates for over three years now. They manage my property in Reading. As I live a considerable distance from Reading, it is essential that my property be managed by people I can trust and who are easily contactable should the need arise. Appleton Estates have always managed to find responsible tenants who, very importantly, pay their rent on time each month, and maintain the flat in good condition.

Appleton Estates are prompt to contact my by phone or email, should a matter arise that requires my attention. My newest tenants moved in in the last month, and I had no hesitation in continuining to use Appleton Estates.

P Smyth, London

We found Appleton Estates to be extremely reliable and the marketing of our property was excellent.

Appletons found us quite a few people to view and although the property was let within a couple of weeks of our instructions to Appletons, we had some of the people back asking us if it had been let. Also people just cold calling as they had seen the property in the paper.

We do not miss Appletons having a high street office and it certainly does not matter to us. The Staff we spoke to at Appleton's were always very efficient and helpful and it was a pleasure to ring them for updates. The young lady who now rents the property is very polite and quiet and we have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you again for all your help, and we will have no hesitation in using your services again.
Kind regards,

L and J Farndon, Caversham Heights, Reading

I have been very pleasently surprised with the care and attention to detail that Appleton have shown to my property since I signed up with them. Before signing up with Appleton I have had a string of very bad management agencies and tennants and was expecting again to be paying for very little service.

I am now very glad that I went with my initial gut feeling with Sarah and her team since they have been exceptional. I now have a management agency that takes care of EVERYTHING! I only need to answer a few questions and confirm actions otherwise I have no need to interact with the tennants and or source workmen for emergency work.

The advice given to me by Sarah has helped me find tennents that now respect my property and treat it well without causing me additional costs. I am recommending Appleton to other members of my family and friends.

Mr V. Gargav, Reading

On contacting, we were very pleased with the prompt response to come and view our property, taking photographs of the inside and placing it on the internet. A very suitable tenant was found on the first viewing.

This is the first time we have used an internet based agent, having always used high street ones, and find it very satisfactory and the staff at Appleton Estates extremely professional.

TJ and HM Redvers Higgins

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