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Expert Guide to Vacuuming – How Often, Accessories, and More

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Vacuuming is simply the removal of dirt from the surface of a material like a carpet, rug, the wall, ceiling, ceiling fan etc. Vacuuming can be done with a vacuum cleaner as it is a designed tool for removing dirt and bacteria from the surfaces of material in the house. But there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners, each with their own specification, so you have to contact the manufacturer to get the right one for yourself.
This article is going to guide you on how to vacuum your house expertly, how often and accessories that come with a vacuum cleaner.
Here is the Expert Guide to Vacuuming – Including the best shark vacuum cleaner review on the internet.

1. Choose The Right Vacuum- There are different types of vacuum cleaner out there ranging from upstairs to canisters, to hand help vacuum and each of them have their own specification and what they are used for. So it is important to choose a vacuum cleaner that suite it purpose.

2. Check Your Vacuum Settings- Many vacuums have a rotating brush (beater bar), a fan, the vacuum space, suction, it is necessary to check the vacuum settings as there are different settings for different surfaces.

3. Investigate Material To Be Vacuumed- it is necessary to investigate or check thoroughly before vacuuming any surface for small objects that are too big for the vacuum cleaner to clean up. These items should be picked up to any form of destruction.

4. Be Careful– Whatever surface you are vacuuming, be careful, slow and steady to avoid the clash with the sharp object that can damage the cleaner brush. This is also essential to ensure a very neat cleaning.


5. Work Top Down On Walls- whenever you vacuuming the walls of a room, start from the ceiling, then do the wall top down as it allows the vacuum cleaner to pick up any dust it encounters on it way down.
When cleaning the ceiling fan, do not use the vacuum cleaner as it contains more dust that you can think, simply make use of the brush to clean the dust on the fan blades and rotor.


6. Kitchen- if you want to vacuum your kitchen, it is necessary to clean all utensils and wares with hot soapy water to remove dust and vacuum the ceiling and walls up down.


The above-listed tips are very important when vacuuming. But the vacuum cleaners also come with some accessories to make the cleaning very easier. Some of the accessories include; cleaning brush, plastic extension wands, vacuum cleaner dust bag, paper filter bags, power replacement and also the flexible threaded tool. All this are accessories for your vacuum cleaners as they have their own distinguished assignment.
How Often Should You Vacuum Your House?
Vacuuming can be very stressful as it is recommended to be done regularly to keep the house clean and good looking.


It is advisable to do your house vacuuming at least once in a week or twice in a month depending on the level of foot-traffic on your carpets and rugs. You wall vacuuming should be done at least 4 times in a year also.
Cleanliness is a very good attribute of any being, and it is essential to clean where you stay as this portrays who you are. Get a good vacuum cleaner for your house and spend some hours of your weekend on this exercise.