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Maidenhead is an attractive and vibrant town on a delightful stretch of the River Thames between Windsor and Marlow, close to Bray, Henley and very charming open countryside.

Maidenhead is situated 25 miles west of London and has easy access to large parts of the country.

Maidenhead has the standard range of High Street shops in a compact shopping area. With the ongoing re-development of the town centre, it will become more vibrant.

Maidenhead also boasts being in the Thames Valley corridor where quite a few multi-national blue-chip companies have offices.

Properties for sale in Maidenhead have great railway and motorway connections to surrounding towns, but more importantly to London. Property sales market is very dynamic in the Maidenhead area. One good indicator of ththe buoyant market is the increased number of estate agents in the town centre. Another good indicator is the increasing property prices despite the recent economic pressures.

Maidenhead and nearby towns of Marlow, Windsor and Henley house world famous residents. Maidenhead, like its close neighbours of Cookham and Twyford, host a range of popular bars and restaurants; ranging from small independent ones to the national chains. Trendy bars, a shopping centre, cinema, Leisure centre, bowling alley and a theatre serve the community and visitors alike.

With its good transport links via buses and trains as well as being linked via the motorways to Slough, Marlow, Windsor and most importantly to London, Maidenhead has become always been a commuter hotspot.

Property sales in Maidenhead

A house for sale in Maidenhead has become quite popular. Property sales in Maidenhead have seen an increase over the last decade mainly as a result of its close proximity to London and Oxford. A property for sale in Maidenhead really is very desirable, which pushed up the property prices significantly. If you wish to make Maidenhead your home, be prepared to live in a town where the cost of living is amongst the highest in the UK.

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