London Flow Screed using liquid floor screeds

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In the present world, there are many flooring options for people to get their houses, buildings, and offices floored. Among all the techniques the best one is the liquid floor screed. Liquid Floor Screed has a lot of benefits over the traditional flooring techniques of cement and sand.

Benefits of floor screed

Some of the benefits liquid floor screed has over the traditional flooring methods are:

  • It has liquid properties, so it ensures smooth application.
  • The drying time of liquid floor screed is less than sand and cement.
  • It is easy to pour.
  • It has a better conductivity than sand and cement while the expansion is minimal.
  • It is easily customizable as per the needs of the customer.
  • It has a low shrinkage, and it does not curl.
  • It is hygienic and does not harbor bacteria.
  • Thickness; 65mm for lightly loaded floors and 75mm for heavily loaded floors.
  • Liquid floor screed dries in a maximum of 48-72 hour.

Living in London in not an easy task, it is a mega city with hundreds of options available for everything. If you are planning to undergo a construction task which involves flooring than liquid floor screed is the best option as a floor screed. It is very important that you must know about some of the properties of liquid floor screed so you should also be aware that the contractor for liquid floor screed is doing the right job and is not wasting your important time and money. Mentioned below are some of the properties of the liquid floor screed that can help you get some awareness about it.

Liquid floor screed is slightly more expensive than the traditional flooring of sand and cement, the difference is around 2 pounds, which when compared to the benefits of the liquid floor screed is nothing. So it is better to spend a bit more and go for the best, which are London Flow Screed using liquid floor screeds.

After knowing all the above characteristics of liquid floor screed, the customer must ask some questions from the contractor hired to do liquid floor screed. We recommend that it is better to settle down the following things with the contractor to avoid hassle later on:

    • Total time the contractor will take to screed your site.
    • At what rate will the contractor carry out the task?
    • What will be the total time the liquid floor screed will need to dry?
    • Ask your contractor to give you a list of all the materials and machines he will be using in the process, and all of them are approved by the concerned departments in London.

By focusing on all the above points, one can comparatively get a better liquid floor screed in London.

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