How to find a good realtor if you’re selling your home

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Everyone needs the best when they are looking for a realtor for selling their home. After making the decision of selling your home the next thing you start searching for is a guide who is known as a Realtor.

How to find a good realtor

But how do you cut through the hype with agents presenting themselves through direct-mail postcards, online ads, yard signs and even sponsored public benches?

It is a fact that agents such as Regina Realtor® has served many clients with their excellent services in the past and they have built a great reputation in this industry.

Here we are going to share some informational tips with you that will help you find the best Realtor for selling your home.

Talk with recent client

Ask them to provide you the list of the clients they have worked with recently and also ask them about their contact information. Ask them if anyone will be particularly disappointed or particularly pleased before you start reaching out to the people they have worked with.

Ask the clients about the price they asked and the sales price. Word-of-mouth referrals are excellent but if a referral can’t convey an agent’s communication style, quality of work or manner of treating clients, then this referral is weak.

Interview at least three agents

How to find a good realtor

If you were getting a new roof or renovating your kitchen, you wouldn’t settle for just one bid, right? Likewise, you should consider at least three agents for the interview to see whether you feel comfortable with them or not.

There are many people who select the first agent they hear about and this is where they make a bigger mistake. The fact is that if a person owns a license, it doesn’t mean that he’ll also be a real estate expert.

Test their communication skills

Call their office or email them, once you have some potentials, then sit back and weight. The responsiveness of your agent is the first test of a key component. Responsive Agents will respond back to you the same day.

Probe their experience

Initially, you should ask them the questions that are usually asked at a job interview. A good agent will answer all your questions with complete confidence. Here are a few questions that you must ask during the interview.

How many houses did you sell last year?

Agents who have achieved double-digit sales should be your first priority. We recommend you to disqualify an agent who hasn’t achieved around 20 sales a year.

How long have you been in business?

Agents who own at least 2 years’ experience should be your first choice. The period of 2 years is enough for an agent to understand the pros and cons of the business.

Here are some other qualities that sellers want in an agent:

  • Ask them about their certifications and degrees.
  • Always hire the experienced professionals.
  • Good communicator. Availability and communication are the keys.
  • Your Realtor should speak from the heart.