Wood Vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which is Better For Your Home?

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Vinyl fencing is the new must-have product for your yard. Millions of people around the world are considering replacing their conventional wood fencing with vinyl fences. Others are still contemplating on which way to go. The advice below will come in handy if you count yourself in this second group.

The Wood Advantage

Wood has been around since times immemorial. It has been etched into people’s minds to use wood for everything from home construction to boat making. Wood, at the end of the day, is a prime construction material that can be molded into anything of your choice. The same flexibility has made it the fencing item of choice. Wood can be turned into different shapes and looks stunning on an average backyard.

Wood fencing, however, comes with a set of problems of it’s own. First things first, wood can be an expensive material. You have to cut trees to get wood and the supply of trees will end one day. Those interested in the conservation of nature do not like to use wood or at least to minimize its use by any fence installer.

An average family will still use wood but has to keep in mind certain key factors. Wood comes in varying shapes and sizes and at varying prices. You need an above-average quality wood for fencing so that it can withstand the weather and annual cleaning/staining process. Quality ranges for pressure treated from #1 (best) to #3 (worst). Add to this the yearly staining costs and the eventuality of the wood getting rot and mold.

All things considered, wood is not as durable as you might think. It is exposed to elements and you have to protect it by applying stain and other chemicals. The yearly costs of maintenance and lack of durability makes wood a less preferable item for making fences.

Vinyl Economy

Vinyl fencing is getting popular and for a variety of reasons. First, it is available at economical prices. The downturn in economy has forced many people to rethink their finances. Many prefer to install vinyl fencing since it’s cheaper in the long run. Economy of price is not the only factor that has tilted the balance in favor of vinyl fencing.  Often, communities get together and buy all their vinyl fence at once to get wholesale pricing to further push down the cost.

It is the durability that has won many fans. Vinyl is a very tough material that can withstand the onslaught of weather and elements. It does not corrode or crack easily and stays firm and solid for many years to come.

All you need to do is to apply a mix of soap water and spray it on the vinyl fence to clean it. There is no varnish or staining required, as you would do in the case of a wood fence. Vinyl also adds to the decor of your garden, as it is now available in many colors and textures. A comparison between wood and vinyl reveals that economy and easy maintenance along with durability are three key factors that are encouraging people to turn to vinyl fencing.

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