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Our innovative approach takes advantage of the latest technology supporting our distinctive service headed up by Founding Directors to deliver the service you deserve and the results you demand.

Striving to become market leading estate agents, we aim to set the standard for service in the local property arena. We combine a sensitive personal approach to landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers, an expert knowledge of the market and a passionate pursuit of results.

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 Follow these Tips if you’re New to Property Management

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Are you on the look out of some useful and effective tips on property management? If this is the case, then it is necessary for you to follow the lead by Coronation Property managing director, Joe Nahas. This is because Nahas offers some of the greatest tips that make property management easier. So, read on.

  • Offer Proper Information: Ensure that your clients and customers have easy access to information regarding the properties. It is necessary for you to have the ability to share relevant information in the most efficient manner if you are bent on getting the listing.
  • Put Procedures and Systems in Place: As a property manager, you should have a clear idea of properties and what is required of them. You need to be reactive.
  • Time Management is important: It is necessary for you to be committed and fully dedicated when it comes to arranging appointment and meetings. Get to the meeting venue a few minutes earlier as this serves as one of the best ways of leaving a lasting impression on the clients. As a property manager, it is important for you to have good time management skills. This is because there is a lot of work that needs to be done but there is not sufficient time. Therefore, procedures and systems need to be in place so that everything can be carried out quickly and easily.
  • Proper Presentation is Also Important: Serving as a property manager, it is important for you to be very well-dressed especially when meeting your clients. Proper presentation encourages the clients to treat you very well. Furthermore, it is your dress that tells a lot about you.
  • You should be Honest: It is necessary for you to be honest when offering statistics and reports about different properties under your management. This is because offering false or misguiding information to the clients can destroy your property management business. The best thing that you can do is get hold of a strategy that can help you in dealing with such situations. You must also try getting hold of solutions instead of offering false information.
  • Planning Ahead is Essential: You must try and make your luck. Always keep in mind that things do not happen on their own. It is important for you to plan your year ahead for conferences, holidays and training. As a property manager, it is important for you to interact with mentors and peers. This will help you in bonding with your team and in learning and growing together.
  • Proper Advertising and Marketing: You must advertise and market your properties in the most effective manner. You must be realistic enough and should not agree to the rate offers without putting in some thoughts. Ensure that your properties are advertised and marketed at the right time. After all, you do not want your properties to remain vacant for several months just because you did not put them up for sale at the right time or because of the high rates.

Lastly, appreciate and enjoy your success as a property manager.

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Reasons Why You need a real estate agent?

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When you are going to buy some property in any country whether it’s commercial or residential you just need to have some guide before. If you are looking for some reasons why you should real estate agent then here are some of the reasons.


A real estate agent has knowledge about every place of the city. If you are looking for the specific area where they are expert in properties then no one can help you better than them.

They will give you knowledge about the neighbors and according to your range which property is best for you in the required area. They will help you in surveying the area.


If you will go to buy the property without estate agent with you then it may be possible that someone will ask you to pay them more because you don’t have any idea about it but if you have estate agent with you then you don’t have to bear the loss.

Your estate agent will guide you about the prices and what is the value of the property so no one can make you fool.


Negotiation is such a headache for most of the people. When you don’t have an idea about the property’s value and you want to negotiate about the property then you should go with the real estate agent.

They will be responsible for the negotiating and they will lower down the price by convincing the client. You don’t have to negotiate and you don’t have to spend your time there.


Paperwork is such a big deal to complete and when you don’t have time, then how you are supposed to read them all? Well if you are the one who doesn’t want to go through all the paperwork then you need an estate agent.

Your real estate agent will help you in completing the paperwork and when you will finalize the deal then you just have to sign the papers by reading them carefully.


If you have successfully signed the deal and now the property is yours then you will be able to get the good estate agent for the next property as well. This dealing is going to help you in building their trust on you for the future dealing.

In this deal, you can notice the way they are dealing with the other people for you and how they are able to complete your work on time without making you disturb again and again.


A real estate agent knows about the value of your property very well. If you will ask about the value of your property from the estate agent then they can tell you about the resale value of it.

If you want to have a property which should be of great money in the future so when you want to sell it you can get good money out of it. Your real estate agent will help you in finding such property in the area you are trying to get some property.

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How to find a good realtor if you’re selling your home

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Everyone needs the best when they are looking for a realtor for selling their home. After making the decision of selling your home the next thing you start searching for is a guide who is known as a Realtor.

How to find a good realtor

But how do you cut through the hype with agents presenting themselves through direct-mail postcards, online ads, yard signs and even sponsored public benches?

It is a fact that agents such as Regina Realtor® has served many clients with their excellent services in the past and they have built a great reputation in this industry.

Here we are going to share some informational tips with you that will help you find the best Realtor for selling your home.

Talk with recent client

Ask them to provide you the list of the clients they have worked with recently and also ask them about their contact information. Ask them if anyone will be particularly disappointed or particularly pleased before you start reaching out to the people they have worked with.

Ask the clients about the price they asked and the sales price. Word-of-mouth referrals are excellent but if a referral can’t convey an agent’s communication style, quality of work or manner of treating clients, then this referral is weak.

Interview at least three agents

How to find a good realtor

If you were getting a new roof or renovating your kitchen, you wouldn’t settle for just one bid, right? Likewise, you should consider at least three agents for the interview to see whether you feel comfortable with them or not.

There are many people who select the first agent they hear about and this is where they make a bigger mistake. The fact is that if a person owns a license, it doesn’t mean that he’ll also be a real estate expert.

Test their communication skills

Call their office or email them, once you have some potentials, then sit back and weight. The responsiveness of your agent is the first test of a key component. Responsive Agents will respond back to you the same day.

Probe their experience

Initially, you should ask them the questions that are usually asked at a job interview. A good agent will answer all your questions with complete confidence. Here are a few questions that you must ask during the interview.

How many houses did you sell last year?

Agents who have achieved double-digit sales should be your first priority. We recommend you to disqualify an agent who hasn’t achieved around 20 sales a year.

How long have you been in business?

Agents who own at least 2 years’ experience should be your first choice. The period of 2 years is enough for an agent to understand the pros and cons of the business.

Here are some other qualities that sellers want in an agent:

  • Ask them about their certifications and degrees.
  • Always hire the experienced professionals.
  • Good communicator. Availability and communication are the keys.
  • Your Realtor should speak from the heart.

How can a leak destroy your newly bought home – and who should fix it

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Have you bought a new dream home and now the leakage inside the house has become a headache for you? Of course, at the time of buying, most of the people don’t have any idea about the leakage but when the weather change and it starts raining you come to know about the leakage.

leak damage

Now the point is that how you are supposed to deal with it? How much your home will get destroyed due to the leakage and who is going to fix it? Let’s have a look at all the important points you need to know.


A leakage is a major problem in any home and it’s equally dangerous as well. If you are not doing anything about it then it means your home is not safe anymore for you and your family. This is going to make the foundations of your home weak.

leak damage

The leakage can destroy your whole home by reaching every part of your home slowly. The paint and designing of your home will look like a mess in few months and if the weather is all rainy then you need to focus on your home first as compared to saving the money. Your new home will look like an old home in few months and the value of your home will also be down in the market.


The one who is going to fix it is the water restoration fixer. You have to call for the professional fixer who knows how to make your home safe again and how you will be able to save your money? If you are in the situation where you don’t know who is going to fix it then search on the internet for the best companies that are going to help you out in this crucial situation.

Water damage restoration in Coral Springs will help you find the best solution for your home when you are worried about your family too. All you have to do first is to make a list of best companies around and read the reviews about them.

Now shortlist the companies which are doing best in the town. You need to go for the professional team who will make you feel safe in your home and who will help you in saving your money. There is nothing to worry about anymore if any part of your home is getting leaked.


You have to deal with the leakage in a calm manner. At the time of hiring someone for your home leakage, you should first check out the reputation of the company and interview them properly. To stop the process of leakage in your home you should inspect every corner with the team to detect the leakage.

All you need is to stop the leakage and start making your home safe for yourself and for your family. Hire someone who takes responsibility for making your place safe.

Paving Your Driveway to Improve the Look of Your Home

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Improving your driveway is one way of enhancing the look of your residential space. Most homeowners do not realize the essence of having a well-designed driveway. Most of the time they are taken for granted and neglected. Your home’s grounds or exterior need to be as pleasant as that of the interior particularly your driveway.

Once the driveway is clean and well-designed, it can be a great asset to your property. It’s a compliment to the entire landscape of the house. If you are planning to make changes on your driveway or do some renovation, there are actually lots of ways on how you can transform your old driveway into something better and aesthetically wonderful. Enhance your home exterior through these effective and simple ways below, or you can visit asphalt driveway paving in louisville ky.

Come Up with a Circular Driveway

This is not for design only. Circular driveways is meant for convenient turning and navigating of your car. It’s best when you want to turn your vehicle but cannot look for the reverse gear of your car. With sufficient space in your residential area, you can have a turning circle in your driveway that definitely looks good in your place. Creating a circle-like driveway can give you an imposing effect to visitors especially when it’s their first time to see your home’s driveway. Certainly, it will impress your guest once you install this type of driveway in your place. No need to worry about the budget because you can surely find ways on how your money will fit for the project.

Make Use of Gravel

You did not think of this, did you? If you want to improve the aesthetic value of your driveway, you have to be creative to the highest level. Think of any material that you can use in constructing a new one or anything that can be utilized for the renovation project. Using gravel is a creative way of enhancing the look of your driveway without your realizing it. You have nothing to worry about the crunching sounds or getting your tires flat because of the gravel. Come up with a classy and old-fashioned look on the driveway with this idea.

Improve Your Old and Concrete Driveway

There are many ways on how improving your old and concrete driveway can be possible. It’s not entirely hard for you to do these things but you need to exert some efforts on the planning. One simple idea of transforming your concrete driveway into a better one is to put dark-colored tiles on it. You have a wide array of choices of the type of tiles to use. You can alter the whole concrete flooring and replace it with  a different style. It’s up to you if you want something that look modern or traditional. With plenty of options that you have in the market, deciding what to choose must not be that hard for you. Asphalt driveway paving in Louisville KY is a great choice for this one.

Now that you learned about this home improvement ideas, you can surely come up with a well-designed driveway for your home.

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Why Buy A Condominium?

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People purchase condominiums for a whole variety of reasons, however often they do not stop to consider that there are both pros and cons to entering into the condominium market either as someone who is seeking an appreciating asset that they can earn a rental income from , or as a place to call home.

So what exactly are the pros and cons to purchasing a condo for both of these types of prospective buyers.


As a prospective rental income generator condos have long been popular. They are easy to maintain, there is a steadily growing market of potential people who are coming to prefer rentals over ownership. In fact there are certain areas where condos have shown a steady appreciation in value (such as the E2 condos in toronto, beating out many other asset classes. However as the old saying about property goes it’s all about ‘position, position, position.’ Condos in popular vacation spots are great – but they suffer in the off season. It’s better to have a look at a part of a city that is undergoing gentrification where you can buy a condo of plan at a relatively low cost and watch that asset grow in value.


It’s also all about your prospective tenants. Make sure that you do the appropriate background checks to ensure that you are getting a quality tenant. If there is a single point that makes owning a condo for rental into a short route to a nervous breakdown it’s having a tenant that is a continual worry.


For those who want to purchase a condo as a living space for themselves and their family it can be an extremely rewarding experience. this is especially true for younger buyers who are attracted to the ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle. The freedom to simply lock your door and set off on a well earned vacation knowing that security is in place should not be underestimated. However, there are some considerations. Fees for instance. When you buy a condo – even if you are buying it for cash you need to take into account that there are still monthly condo fees that have to be paid – budgeting is still required.  Find out more about Condos by clicking here.


There is also the matter of the condo rules. Some people have said that these rules make condo living something like moving back in with your parents. Make sure you are comfortable with those rules before you decide on your condo purchase.


All that said – owning a condo can be a tremendously rewarding experience, both from a lifestyle and investment point of view. just make sure you choose your condo wisely.  Find out more on